Fran provides the total solution for optical lenses designs optimized for diverse lighting needs. Well designed optical systems are appropriate to the environment of LED users.




Secondary Optics Designs

Generally LED need to proceed secondary optics designs. By this, we could change the optical characteristics from the light of first optics. The secondary optics design is a critical issue for the light efficiency and light distribution pattern of LED lights.



Take the secondary optical designs for LED street lights as examples. A good roadway illumination requires the LED street light to have a rectangular light distribution, which could just cover the road and reduce the spill light. Optical lens designed for street lighting have asymmetric light distribution. We seek to acheive the longitudinal uniformity values needed in more demanding street light standards. We have also designed the lenses so that there will be less glare.


Thus, a secondary optical lens are solutions to

maximize LED lighting performance.





TIR Lens vs. Reflectors

The basic working principle is the same for both TIR lenses and reflectors. But lenses have more control over light. With reflectors a big part of the light doesn't touch the reflectors and this light can't be controlled. But with the total internal reflection, the beam can be controlled very well for lenses. In general, it is possible to achieve an efficiency of at least 90% for most applications. But for a reflector, the overall beam control is far less efficient compared to a lens.

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